About our classes

Postnatal fitness classes with buggy are specially designed workouts to wake up your post baby body. Lets just think…great legs, defined arms, strong core, nice posture all while having fun with other moms. Childcare you ask? Bring your little one along for the ride. No need to dish out extra money to pay for a babysitter. There is nothing better than fresh air and outside stimulation for your little one.


About Me


My name is Anna Flanagan. I am the founder of Yummy Mummies & Buggies. I’ve been qualifieds as a Group Fitmess Instructor, Personal Trainer and Ante and Post- natal instructor. I have got Master’s degree in PE and PhD in Sport science. I am a former professional runner and champion of Ukraine in Steeple Chase. But the most important thing I am a MOM.

I design our Yummy Mummies & Buggies classes to balance the feetness needs of new moms and their desire to spend time with their little ones. I am dedicated and passionate to motivate people to feel the best they can about themselves.

Come and join us, likeminded mums and lets get FIT together.


Our Yummy Mummies & Buggies postnatal fitness classes with buggy take place at Sompting Recreational Ground  and Homefield Park (Worthing) where your buggy turns into a perfect fitness machine. Our classes are suitable for everyone and accomodate a variety of fitness levels, but special attention is given to the physical needs of birth mothers.




All moms should receive clearance to participate in any physical activities and complete their post natal screening form



WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT AT THIS CLASS:  Every workout is unique and designed to help you burn as many calories as possible in a short amount of time. We begin each class with a speed-walk around the park and warm-up with dynamic stretching drills. We ensure a whole-body workout at every session. We incorporate some bodyweight exercises, exercises with the resistance bands and short burst of cardio (skip-hoop or light jogging in between) to help burn calories along the way. We keep the buggies moving and the moms sweating.

HOW INTENSE IS THE WORKOUT:All components of our classes have low, medium, and high intensity options to suit all fitness levels and abilities.  It's like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but with more sweating. Depending on your feelings and current fitness level you can adapt the intensity for yourself. You should be aiming to do your best. If you feel like skipping some exercises or doing less repetitions you can do it. Don’t worry, gradually you will get stronger and more able to endure.


WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE REALLY OUT OF SHAPE: There is one suggestion: move. You need to start from somewhere. We all have been there. Little by little, being consistent and determined will make you able to complete a whole class.


HOW MANY TIMES A WEEK SHOULD I ATTEND YUMMY MUMMIES & BUGGIES CLASSES: To start seeing results, it is recommended to attend 3 classes a week.


OUR BABIES ARE COPYING US: Babies and kids of all ages are welcome in our classes so they can see their parents get fit and strong. They learn and grow by mimicking and copying the actions and activities of people around them. And if you are exercising in the presence of your child at an early age it can help to establish positive physical activity habits and help them to live an active lifestyle.


WHAT TO WEAR:  Anything that's comfortable to exercise in.  If you have a sports bra then great.  If not maybe your normal bra & a crop top over the top. Good, supportive trainers - no flip flops or sandals, please.


Weather policy for Yummy Mummies & Buggies: We are still training if its raining. So bring a rain/wind cover for the buggy and some water/wind proof jacket for yourself.



SOME OTHER TIPS: Babies. They are unpredictable. And they rule the class. So try to keep them happy. Feed and change them before the class. Take some water and snack with you so you can offer  it to your little one during a class.

If you’re nursing then wear breast pads & bring a fresh pair for afterwards as often exercise can stimulate milk production.


 WHAT TO BRING:  Please bring an exercise mat, picnic blanket or old towel for floor exercises. A water bottle – you are going to sweat J

You will need to fill in a pre exercise questionnaire prior to class 



For your first class please arrive 5 minutes early so I can check you for abdominal separation (diastasis recti)



1 class “Pay as you Push” - £4

A block of 10 classes - £30 (£3/class)



I have a 24 hour cancellation policy ( only for block of classes applied).

Please, if you have any plans for the day you normally have a class, let me know

in advance, otherwise you will be charged.






Frequently asked questions


What age should my baby be to participate in these classes?
We recommend our classes for the little ones 6 weeks and older. This is based on when Mom receives her postpartum exam. When mom is cleared by her GP/midwife we welcome both of you!


What happens if I miss a class?
We have a 24 hour cancellation policy (only for block of classes applied). Please, if you have any plans for the day you normally have a class, let us know in advance, otherwise you will be charged.


What happens if my little one gets fuzzy?
It is rare for a class to go it’s full length without one little one getting a bit annoyed. We are all moms – there is no judgement in our classes. You will not be given extra push-ups if you need to step aside and nurse (or feed a bottle) or comfort :-).We do recommend having your baby carrier with you if baby needs extra snuggles – this is a great way to continue to participate in class and still comfort your baby. You may have to skip the running, but you'll still be able to do modified exercise options.


How is my little one included in the workout?
For the majority of our classes, your little one stays in the buggy.  Your buggy becomes your resistance and cardio machine.  The last 10-15 mins of class is reserved for mat time. This is when your little one can be taken out.  We can modify almost all exercises to include your little one (either holding or in the carrier).


When should I arrive for class?
We ask that Moms give themselves 10-15 mins to get set up. This includes parking, getting the buggy out of the car, baby in buggy and meeting up with the group.

For your first class please arrive 5 minutes early so we can check you for abdominal separation (diastasis recti)


Where do we meet?
Each class will meet just next to the play ground.


Is there Parking?

Yes. There is free on-road parking throughout a day in Sompting and free parking in Worthing (near Homefield Park) from 11am till 2pm.

Do I need a Jogging Buggy?
You do not require a jogging buggy. Most buggies are perfectly fine.


Do I need to bring anything?
Besides your buggy and baby requirements, we ask that you bring a yoga mat for the end of class core work. And of course some WATER!


What should I wear?
Layers are always a good idea. Especially when the mornings tend to be cooler. As you begin and get into the workout, you're likely to remove a layer or two :-). Baby should have a warm blanket and a hat if you're concerned the morning is a bit too chilly. Please also ensure you have running shoes. Sandals and boots are not appropriate.


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